Charity fair in Kamianets-Podilskyi

We try to seek funds to help more people. For this reason, Kamyanchanin Charitable Foundation organizes charity fairs in Kamyanets-Podilsky. The event is gradually becoming traditional and unites the efforts of many organizations, volunteers and ordinary people. During the charity fair, we raise funds for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. A considerable amount of ₴ 79,232 was collected for two organized events. These funds are enough to provide a year of massage programs for children.

The fair was organized not only to raise funds, but also to awaken people's hearts, unite them for good, promote charity and volunteerism, and involve young people in good deeds. Let's unite for charity!

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DomivkaUA — Telegram chatbot for refugees

DomivkaUA — Telegram chatbot for refugees

13 квітня 2022 року о 14:57

We have created Telegram chatbot , where we coordinate the evacuation of civilians from hotspots, help to find shelter and receive humanitarian aid. Thanks to the developed base of contacts, we provide prompt information assistance and share contacts of people who will help you get out of the combat zone and be safe.


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